Send Spam to Folder?

Jason Burzenski jburzenski at AMERICANHM.COM
Thu Feb 19 03:35:24 GMT 2004

Can you do the same for an Exchange rule? ;)

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From: "Mark Nienberg" <mark at TIPPINGMAR.COM>

> On 18 Feb 2004 at 16:26, Mike McMullen wrote:
> > Is there an easy way to get mail marked as spam automatically moved
> > to a folder (mbox format) in a user's IMAP mail folders?
> If a user has a folder named "spam", and your system uses procmail for
> delivery, then a rule like the following in the user's ".procmailrc"
> file
will do it.
> # Move Mailscanner marked spam to Spam folder
>   :0:
>   * ^Subject:.\{Spam\?
>   spam
> Mark

Mark, Thanks! This worked like a champ!

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