Send Spam to Folder?

Kourosh mailscanner at MINDWARESYSTEMS.COM
Thu Feb 19 01:08:42 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 16:26, Mike McMullen wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there an easy way to get mail marked as spam automatically
> moved to a folder (mbox format) in a user's IMAP mail folders?
> I'm new at trying to do this stuff so any easy examples or
> pointers would be of great help.
> Thanks,
> Mike


Depends on your MTA and how you're delivering mail.  You can use promail
or maildrop to filter the mail and deliver spam to the spam folder.
That's how I have it set up on my system.  I even have a default
maildrop script set in the /etc/skel directory so that new users have it
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