spam handling rules with +detail email addresses?

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Wed Feb 18 21:07:21 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:

> At 16:52 18/02/2004, you wrote:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> At 01:04 18/02/2004, you wrote:
>>>> How does MailScanner/SA handle incoming email addressed to
>>>> user+detail at in rules?
>>>> Sendmail will strip everything after/including the + sign, and deliver
>>>> to the 'user', but rules in MailScanner for both user+detail at
>>>> AND user at seem to be bypassed when using this syntax in an
>>>> email.
>>>> I've only tested with rules/spam.actions.rules like this:
>>>> To:     user+detail at    store notify
>>>> To:     user at store notify
>>>> Both are bypassed and mail gets the default action applied to it if
>>>> it's
>>>> addressed to user+detail at
>>> But what is the envelope recipient address in this case? user or
>>> user+detail?
>> user+detail at is the envelope recipient reported in the
>> sendmail log. The entry below doesn't seem to work. The message gets the
>> default rule applied instead of the 'store notify' rule.
>> To:     user+detail at    store notify
>> I tried both the suggestions below, and they do properly apply the
>> action "store notify", but for some reason, sendmail then tries to
>> deliver the message back to instead of the mail hub!
>> This creates a problem with the same message being scanned, then
>> redelivered to the incoming sendmail and looping. Other 'store notify'
>> rules that are defined for normal email addresses work fine.
>> We forward mail from the MailScanner box to the mailhub using the
>> virtusertable feature. No other rule or config issue has broken this
>> before, so I'm not sure what's happening. I'll turn up logging in
>> sendmail and see if it will tell me what it's doing with this mail.
> MailScanner doesn't get involved with message delivery at all, so I fail to
> see how it could have caused this delivery problem.

Yes, it seems like it has to be something with sendmail config, but then
again, the notify action is the only action that triggers it. I changed
the action to 'deliver', and the mail for user+detail is delivered
properly. But with action 'store notify', it loops back to localhost
(the incoming sendmail receives it again from notify?).

One odd thing I notice in the log - with the notify function, mail is
delivered to
"to=user+detail at"
(this loops back to localhost)

With 'deliver' action, mail is delivered to
"<to=user+detail at>"
(this gets correctly delivered to the mailhub)

Note the missing <> in the looping email. I'm not a sendmail guru, so
I'm not sure where this envelope TO is getting generated, but it may be
a clue?

Thanks for any ideas,

Ken Anderson

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