queue.in clog

Michael Baird mike at TC3NET.COM
Wed Feb 18 20:55:29 GMT 2004

Run through a debug, (change some a couple of config options in
MailScanner.conf, Debug=yes, Spamassassin Debug = Yes). Stop
MailScanner, and restart it, then it will run through a batch in a
verbose mode, by observing it, you can see where the hang up is. Usually
it's one of the spamassassin test (Razor2, DCC, RBL checks), which you
can turn off/on in the spam_prefs for MailScanner, or reduce the
timeouts or whatever, after you determine which one is delaying your
queue.in processing.


> Sorry if this is an old question...
> Im running MailScanner v4.25.14
> Sophos Version 3.78
> Redhat 7.3
> im seeing tons of mail getting into the scanner queue, but im seeing very
> little going out. The queue.in is constanly growing (right now shows approx
> 2K messages waiting to scan). Right now there is approx a 40 min delay
> between receiving and actually sending the message. Any help would be much
> appreciated in speeding this up.This just started a few days ago. We have 8
> children running, the delay is about 20 min from each "MailScanner" log. It
> seems to scan about 50 messages wait 20-25 min then scans another  50
> messages. We've increased the children, the file scan size, etc,etc.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Michael
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