Feature concept... "noisy viruses"?

Wed Feb 18 18:22:21 GMT 2004

>How many viruses are out there?  Isn't in the thousands and aren't most
>of the non-forgers dead or rarely pass thru email?  I only see the
>forgers hitting our mail router.

Gibe doesn't forge (well, it's more complicated than that,
but it's easy to spot when it's not forged -- which is most
of the time in my experience), and I get a boat load of those
every time I post to the Samba mailing list.  Try it, it's fun.

Speaking of which, the Samba list has HUGE problems with
Spam, viruses, bounces TO the list, etc.  Is the MailScanner
list set up to scan, or is it left to the endpoints to do
that?  I'm in back-channel conversations with a few other
Samba list members and we're trying to come up with a
solution to the deafening noise problem there.

Please follow-up to me, not the list (unless you think
it's a good topic for the list.)


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