Upgrade to 4.26.8 and performance bottlenecks

Michael Dahlberg dahlberg at BUCKNELL.EDU
Wed Feb 18 17:06:06 GMT 2004

Stephen Swaney [steve.swaney at fsl.com] wrote:

> The bottleneck will probably go away if you use sophos not sophossvai.
> Check the list archives. Various versions of the SAVI module have caused
> problems.
> Steve


  Thanks for the suggestion.  It did alleviate the problem to some
  degree.  I've got MailScanner set to spawn 10 child processes, each
  scanning a max of 30 messages.  Switching to sophos did increase
  mail scanning speed, but within ~1 hr the inbound queue had just
  about max'd out and the load on the system had peaked.

  I downgraded to 4.13 (switched the sym link) and the entire inbound
  queue was scanned within 20 min, while still accepting new messages
  for the queue.

  Any other suggestions?


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