Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Wed Feb 18 14:02:52 GMT 2004


I have tried in the past to generate traffic that would provide me a decen
idea of capacity.

My production system is a dual 550 P4 with 512Mb RAM and SCSI Raid 0+1.

I'm using tempfs and have made a number of tuning changes thanks to this
list.  I am running a full contingent of MailWatch (on another machine) and
my production MTA is running MySQL logging into the second server's db for

I added a new domain the day before yesterday and ran my message volume up
over 10X what it was processing.

I ran almost 20K messages through the system that inline with
what you guys have seen am I on the high side or the low side.  My machine
took a beating, but kept on trucking.

I did have a small bayes db corruption issue late last night...I ended up
rebuilding from scratch and performance seems better today....

Any feedback?


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