small bug in all reports

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Tue Feb 17 19:43:45 GMT 2004

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Julian Field wrote:

> At 18:31 17/02/2004, you wrote:
>> It seems the sig seperator is wrong in all reports over all languages. I
>> didn't check them all, but some across, and they all had the same small
>> mistake.
>> The sig separator is "-- ", not "--".
> The sig separator is supposed to be "-- ". It's in an RFC somewhere...

"-- " is the signature seperator used in USENET messages this sperator
is invalid for Email. Please see: --> 4.3

"4.3.  Usenet Signature Convention

    There is a convention in Usenet news of using "-- " as the separator
    line between the body and the signature of a message.  When
    generating a Format=Flowed message containing a Usenet-style
    separator before the signature, the separator line is sent as-is.
    This is a special case; an (optionally quoted) line consisting of
    DASH DASH SP is not considered flowed."

Furter Down section 5 states

"5.  ABNF

    The constructs used in Text/Plain; Format=Flowed body parts are
    described using [ABNF], including the Core Rules:"
        "sig-sep       = [quote] "--" SP CRLF"

I hope this helps

- -d

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