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On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 11:13:22AM -0700, Craig Daters is rumored to have said:
> Does Trend Micro no longer have a free for personal use Linux AV
> scanner? I can find nothing on their website but 'buy me' links?

This is an e-mail that I got on the amavis list a while ago and held onto. I believe that the info provided in it is still good, but I make no guarantees.



Here is an email I wrote ages ago and posted to this list about trend
filescan, how to get it, how to update the engine, and how to update the
patterns,,, I have yet to find a virus that this didn't find....

anyway, here is the email...


I thought I'd mention all the links and stuff, so that people can search the
archives here if they want to know how it is done.

Here is the url to download it,

(the address listed in the "openantivirus" readme didn't work for me, but
this one did...
download filescanlinux.tar (when you untar it, it has install instructions
and a pdf file)

If the scanner install gives you a message that it wont' install because you
don't have redhat release 6, (and you do have a modern linux)I got that
message with mandrake 7.2, edit /etc/issue (create it if you don't already
have one, go into /etc and type 'touch issue') and put the words "release 6"
in it somewhere, you can delete it after install. (thats how the install
program works out what version of linux you have) pretty lame method thinks
me, but its a good thing that its lame if you don't have redhat.

I have it working flawlessly on Mandrake and I don't think there would be
much problem getting it working on other distro's.

Here is the link to get the latest engine update, (the version I have now is
"Virus Scanner v3.1")

Go to the Interscan viruswall table and look in the linux box.
download that tarball.

open the tarball, and copy the file in it into /etc/iscan, overwrite the
file of the same name that's in there.(it might not be a bad idea to backup
the old one in case there are problems.)

thats your engine updated to their latest version.

If for some reason the web manager pattern update feature doesn't work, (it
didn't for me, think its a isp problem, we have a strange proxy.,)
go here:
choose the linux tarball and you have the latest pattern file.

Thats it,, This is a very comprhensive scanner for a freebie... much better
then the network associates vscan I was using before,,, (admitadly an old

the web interface is an exceptional feature...

Thats it, I have yet to test this with all the virus's that I have on file
for that purpose, and I will post the results when I do, but I am quietly

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Does anybody know of a good free virus scanner i can use along with Amavis ?

Carlos Santos.

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