Solved: MailScanner + Sendmail and User Unknown not bounced at once...(this does NOT use LDAP routing)

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Tue Feb 17 14:37:14 GMT 2004

Hash: RIPEMD160

Kai Schaetzl wrote:

> David H. wrote on         Mon, 16 Feb 2004 23:23:35 +0100:
>>All of us Sendmail + Mailscanner user might know the case where
>>MailScanner queues up a message for a User that is Unknown.
> I'm trying to repro that. When does this occur? I suppose only in those
> setups where the MTA accepts every message because it doesn't know if the
> user exists or not? I tried sending a mail to an unknown user and our
> sendmail just bounced it and nothing is in the MailScanner logs (seen via
> Mailwatch).
When you set the Local Mailer to CyrusV2 because you wish to deliver all
mail to the Cyrus store, the border Sendmail will accept and message
since it doesnot know which Cyrus User is actually existant.

The second sendmail process then actually talks to the lmtp socket of
the Cyrus Mailserver and learns if the user exists or not.

- -d

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