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Pete pete at
Tue Feb 17 02:54:28 GMT 2004

Shortt, Kevin wrote:

>Try putting your IP address in the DS variable (SMART_HOST in .mc
>file) of
>Let me know if that works for you.
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>From: Pete
>Sent: 2/16/2004 6:02 PM
>Subject: Sendmail Question  (OT)
>I have some in herited Hylafax machines here and they use sendmail to
>route mail. Everything lives on Private subnet, no DNS services only
>WINS NT4 server. Hylafax does regular real world MX lookups and all mail
>then routes to our main SMTP gateway (public IP).
>I want to change this to point it at a another mail server on the
>private subnet, to save poking holes in the firewalls for users we are
>diverting all outbound SMTP traffic to internal mail servers.
>To force the sendmail (hylafax machines) to send all outdound mail to
>the local mail server i tried the following.
>I changed the mailertable and added the IP of the local mail
>server using the following format
> SMTP:  (i used a tab to space it)
>then did # /usr/sbin/makemap hash /etc/mail/mailertable.db <
>I also tried to add the mail server host name of "tardis" to /etc/hosts
> tardis
>But this didnt work, i get the following in the maillog
>Feb 16 09:47:44 HylaFAX sendmail[5605]: i1FMlh3D005604:
>to=mfax at <mailto:mfax at>, ctladdr=<fax at HylaFAX>
>(10/14), delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=smtp, pri=36118,
>relay=tardis, dsn=5.1.2, stat=Host unknown (Name server: tardis: host
>not found)
>What do i need to do to sendmail to specify the server for all outbound
>Appreciate any heklp or suggestions i can get.
I tried that using the webmin UI, but i am not so sure if it worked.
Webmin doesnt make the the sendmail configs any easier to nav,  well not
for me.

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