SpamAssassin and alternate Perl, Cobalt

Stefan Z stefanzman at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 16 02:14:46 GMT 2004


I have a client that is using MailScanner with SpamAssassin on a Sun
Cobalt XTR. With the requirement for a Perl instance greater than 5.003
(Cobalt default), Perl 5.8 and all SpamAssassin files were installed into
the /home/spam-filter directory (by another consultant).

The customer would not like to upgrade his SpamAssassan (from 2.54 to
2.63) while leaving MailScanner alone.

My questions:

- How does MailScanner know that spamassassin in /home/spam-filter?
- Would using /home/spam-filter/bin/perl Makefile.PL <file> during
installation of SpamAssasssin take care of necessary depdencies for
- Does this apply to an upgrade as well?
- Is there anything specifically I should be concerned about when
upgrading SpamAssassin as it relates to MailScanner integration?

Thanks and regards,


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