spam.lists.conf and SORBS

Magda Hewryk mhewryk at SYMCOR.COM
Sat Feb 14 20:34:26 GMT 2004


ORDB-RBL times out quiet often and I'd like to use SORBS list for spam

Which one of the following is the best to use in addition to and ?


># - Aggregate zone (contains all DNS zones)
># - List of Open HTTP Proxy Servers.
># - List of Open SOCKS Proxy Servers.
># - List of open Proxy Servers not listed in
>#                          the SOCKS or HTTP lists.
># - List of Open SMTP relay servers.
># - List of web (WWW) server which have spammer
>#                          abused vulnerabilities (e.g. FormMail scripts)
># - List of hosts that have been noted as sending
>#                          spam/UCE/UBE to the admins of SORBS.  This
>#                          zone also contains netblocks of spam supporting
>#                          service providers, this could be for providing
>#                          websites, DNS or drop boxes for a spammer.  Spam
>#                          supporters are added on a 'third strike and you
>#                          out' basis, where the third spam will cause the
>#                          supporter to be blocked.
># - List of hosts demanding they are never tested by
>#                          SORBS.
># - List of networks hijacked from their original
>#                          owners.  Some already used for spamming.
># - Dynamic IP Address ranges (NOT a Dial Up list!)
># - Aggregate zone (contains all RHS zones)
> - List of domain names where the A or MX
>#                          records point to bad address space.
># - List of domain names where the owners have
>#                          indicated no mail should ever be sent with these
>#                          domains.

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