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Sat Feb 14 15:23:37 GMT 2004

At 17:28 13/02/2004, you wrote:
>Julian Field [mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK] wrote:
> > At 16:08 13/02/2004, you wrote:
> > >At 16:04 13/02/2004, you wrote:
> > >>Michael Dahlberg wrote:
> > >>>I've noticed that when running the SAVI engine (Virus Scanner =
> > >>>sophossavi), rather than `sweep` (Virus Scanner = sophos) it
> > >>>takes about 3x as long with the SAVI engine (approx. 3 min to scan 100
> > >>>messages using SAVI versus 1 min with sweep).  Also when I use the
> > >>>SAVI engine, more MyDoom-infected email messages are found and
> > >>>removed.
> >
> > Check your /usr/local/Sophos/lib directory to ensure that the links are
> > pointing to the right (latest) versions of the library in there. Sounds
> > like sweep is using a different version to SAVI.
> > When you built Perl-SAVI did you remember to make the mods to Makefile.PL?
> > Is your Sophos installation done with my Sophos.install script?
> > --
>   The Sophos installation is done using the (mostly unmodified)
>   /opt/MailScanner/bin/Sophos.install script (I needed to change the
>   DISTRIB var from solaris.sparc.tar to solariss.tar since we install
>   it from the CD distribution).
>   The links in /usr/local/Sophos/lib point to the correct libraries
>   ( is a symlink to which is a symlink to
>  The modifications were made in the
>   Makefile.PL file for SAVI-Perl-0.15 to link the libraries from
>   /usr/local/Sophos/lib.
>   With regards to your previous comment about batch mode and queue
>   mode, we run MailScanner on a separate system from the main campus
>   mailserver.  All mail goes to the MailScanner system which is then
>   delivered to the main mail server (listed as a SMARTHOST in
>   sendmail).  We found that running in batch mode with >1 MailScanner
>   process would, at times swamp the main mail server with sendmail
>   connections.  Therefore we have left it in queue mode.  If we change
>   that my guess is that we'd see the same effect.

Fair enough. There is a good reason to leave it in after all :-)

>   However, the slow down isin't on the outbound queue side, it's on
>   the inbound queue side.  The number of messages in the
>   /var/spool/ directory keeps growing and we're slowly
>   getting a real backlog.

         Debug = yes
         Debug SpamAssassin = yes
and then stop MailScanner, then run check_MailScanner once. You may well be
seeing pauses in the SpamAssassin output, which should tell you where the
problem is. May well be Razor or Bayes.

>   Thanks for the help.
>   Mike

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