Preference for batch sizes

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> It depends on how much mail you are processing too. Setting only 3 MS
> children and 10msg per batch may be fine for <50 msgs/minute, but will
> quickly fall behind if you are receiving 500 msgs/minute. You'll need
> more children, bigger batches, and an additional server.


I agree - the stats we ran were on one particular type of hardware,
obviously if you're processing more mail you're going to need more hardware
or some kind of load sharing.

The machine we tested on was the only one we had spare at the time, but
seems to be a pretty typical kind of spec for the average MailScanner user.

The original aim of the tests were to show what the effect of changing from
disk to tempfs were and to try and work out what additional changes could be
made to minimise message scan time.



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