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Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Feb 13 10:22:35 GMT 2004

At 10:09 13/02/2004, you wrote:
> > >How about the current unstable?
> >
> > They are in there.
>Perfect. Good to know since I am about to update the mailscanner-devel
>port in a few seconds... :-)
> > Won't be necessary once 4.27 is produced. But if you want to
> > support them in BSD 4.26 then that's fine with me.
>Is 4.27 coming so soon? I expected to see 4.26.8 to be the final release
>for a few weeks.

No, I'm just putting out betas when I feel like it. I probably won't
release the stable version until start of April.

>I think I missed parts of the "to bounce or not to bounce" discussion.
>Should we not alter the manpages for the new bounce stuff?

There is a new "Enable Spam Bounce" option, for which the docs are below.
Feel free to tell people not to use it. The default value is "no".

# You can use this ruleset to enable the "bounce" Spam Action.
# You must *only* enable this for mail from sites with which you have
# agreed to bounce possible spam. Use it on low-scoring spam only (<10)
# and only to your regular customers for use in the rare case that a
# message is mis-tagged as spam when it shouldn't have been.
# Beware that many sites will automatically delete the bounce messages
# created by using this option unless you have agreed this with them in
# advance.
Enable Spam Bounce = %rules-dir%/bounce.rules

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