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Steve Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Fri Feb 13 02:48:49 GMT 2004

To the list,

I really never thought about this until my recent explosion of invalid-user
emails sent to our domains and my undetermined reason for slowness. Could
someone explain the definition of bouncing to me in their own environment and
tell me what they think of the below stuff?

I use a dead box here to capture nonexistent user emails, where they are
reviewed for simple mis-typed addressing, and then either forwarded to the
proper user or discarded. I blacklist heavily on "From:" to throw away emails.
In this situation, I hope I am not bouncing much.

As I research my move to using M4 for pure Sendmail, getting away from
linuxconf, I have not seen a way to prevent the NDR message generated by
sendmail when I do not use a fallover address (dead box). It appears that this
will always occur. Isn't this a form of bouncing even though I am not
forwarding the original message? I want to eliminate as much for MS to do as
possible, and want to do this at the MTA (SendMail, again).

Please no wars about bouncing. Just the facts, ma'am. (That's from the TV show
Dragnet to all of you youngsters).


Steve Campbell
Charleston Newspapers
campbell at

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