size of mailscanner processes?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Feb 12 18:17:06 GMT 2004

At 17:31 12/02/2004, you wrote:
>I'm evaluating MailScanner at the moment and I wonder if it is normal that
>the processes take up 50 MB each? Somewhere in a FAQ I read about 20 MB.
>50 MB per process and most of that not-shared seems a bit high to me.

Mine usually run about 30Mb RSS on average. Just under 30,000 lines of Perl
does make for pretty big processes. MailScanner likes plenty of RAM.

>  3229 root      15   0 14456  13m 9360 S  0.0  2.6   0:00.04 MailScanner
>21196 root      15   0 52452  51m 9972 S  0.0 10.2   0:05.23 MailScanner
>21215 root      15   0 52536  51m 9952 S  0.0 10.2   0:05.48 MailScanner
>so, the main starter process seems to have only 15 MB, but any of the real
>work processes has 50.
>System is Suse 9.0 with Perl 5.8.1
>I'm using clamavmodule, could this be the culprit for grabbing so much

Running clamavmodule, mine run between 20Mb and 53Mb (except for the
smaller parent process).
Running f-prot, mine are between 39Mb and 41Mb.
So clamavmodule could be costing up to 12Mb per process.
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