Preference for batch sizes

Stephe Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Thu Feb 12 16:15:33 GMT 2004

My message count is 35K-50K a day. Spam percentage is about 85-90%. I am
running a P3 900MHz with 1MB ram. RH7.3 sendmail updated to last up2date.

My problem is more with what will make this run like two days ago. I don't
really have a clue about what is causing the slowness.

I have also started adding more to my blacklist file, noting that these have
no spam scores, and assume they are skipped right away. I realize that
adding them to my MTA would be better, but I'm trying to make the
MailScanner part better tuned now.

Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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Hi Steve,

What is your server spec, and how many messages per day are you processing?


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> Subject: Preference for batch sizes
> We are seeing a real slow down in mail delivery here since yesterday. We
> are
> receiving about 50% more mail, but our system can't seem to keep up. Our
> normal mail count is probably about 35K-50K a day. Spam percentage is
> about
> 85-90%.
> I have noticed the last two days a high rate of mail in incoming beginning
> around 10pm until midnight. When I look at my average load, it seems to be
> dropping linearly from 3 down to .6 or something like that. (Can servers
> get
> tired and need a rest?). Large incoming batches were always handled fairly
> quickly before this period, and I'm not sure if we're just slow or are
> receiving a lot of new mail, but based on complaints, mail is slow.
> I have two questions:
> Would smaller batches of mail be better? I have this set to 100 normally,
> and am testing 50 at the moment. I am guessing that smaller batch sizes
> may
> take less time to process and get them through faster as a batch, but
> overall processing of total email may be the same or slightly slower.
> I have Max Children set to 5. Top shows 8-9 MailScanners running. Is this
> a
> problem or could it be multiple parents/children. This machine is pretty
> much maxed out when this happens. Maybe lower the Max Children, or
> increase
> the Queue Scan Interval from 5?
> Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Steve Campbell
> campbell at
> Charleston Newspapers
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