Feature Request - Super High Scoring Spam or something like it

Jeff Falgout JFalgout at CO.JEFFERSON.CO.US
Thu Feb 12 16:19:26 GMT 2004


Is it possible to add an additional action to do something else to
"super high scoring spam", the same as {Spam?} and {High Scoring
For example, one could set
{Spam?} = deliver
{High Scoring Spam?} = attachment deliver
{Super High Scoring Spam?} = quarantine

Super High Scoring Spam is not the best description but you
get the idea.

The idea is to create SA rules for quick defense against things
like MyDoom slipping through and the IE Vulnerablity/Phishing
scam. I would like to be able to set those scores extremely high
and place them in a quarantine until things get sorted out (AV
defs get updated, etc).

I'm guessing it would be some duplication of code with a few minor

Thoughts anyone?


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