Installation bug in Mail-ClamAV-0.05

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Feb 12 14:36:49 GMT 2004


Firstly, many thanks for a very useful piece of code!

One installation problem with 0.05 that wasn't there in 0.04
After the make install step, still contains

# removed on install
require "./";
# end removed on install

which of course breaks when you try to use the module as "./"
cannot be found as it is not in the @INC path.

Copying into the same directory as does not help, but
commenting out the "require" statement works (line 144 of

I can't easily give you a patch to fix this, as I'm not quite sure what you
were trying to achieve with this "require" statement.

Any fixes you could provide would be most welcome.
For now I will comment out the require statement.

Julian Field
Julian Field
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