[OT] FW: [tvdug] uvscan for Unix/Linux

Randal, Phil prandal at HEREFORDSHIRE.GOV.UK
Thu Feb 12 12:32:31 GMT 2004

For everyone's information.



Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK 

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Not only does it exist but NAI are just about to release a beta
version for a full time on access scanner for linux.

You are receiving this email as you are subscribed to the release
announcement for McAfee LinuxShield.  The purpose of this email is to
forewarn you on the impending release of the Beta so you can allocate
testing time.

The current LinuxShield Beta release schedule is as follows
    Beta 1 is currently scheduled for early March
       Beta 2 is due early April 
    Final release in May

Should this schedule change you will be updated.  

LinuxShield QA
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Details are here:

To get the uvscan you might have to have the Total Virus Defense
suite. It can be downloaded from NAI if you have a valid grant number.

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> Over on the MailScanner mailing list, there's a few people bemoaning
> the<BR> difficulty of getting their hands on uvscan for
> Unix/Linux.<BR> <BR>
> Can one of the NAI folks on the list give a few pointers on how to
> persuade<BR> your distributors that such a product exists and how
> people can get hold of<BR> it?<BR>
> <BR>
> Cheers,<BR>
> <BR>
> Phil<BR>
> <BR>
> ---------------------------------------------<BR>
> Phil Randal<BR>
> Network Engineer<BR>
> Herefordshire Council<BR>
> Hereford, UK <BR>
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Kevin W. Gagel
Network Administrator
(250) 561-5848 local 448
(250) 562-2131 local 448

The College of New Caledonia, Visit us at http://www.cnc.bc.ca
Virus scanning is done on all incoming and outgoing email.

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