AVG antivirus

Brent Addis brent.addis at ROAMAD.COM
Thu Feb 12 09:49:48 GMT 2004

That'd be great :)

We use it on all of our workstations / fileservers and would like to put
in on the mailservers too. It has a great centralised update system which
is pretty handy.
Do you need any details on its command line interface?


Brent Addis

Julian Field said:
> I don't think anyone has asked for it before. I'm sure it can be
> supported if you want.
> At 06:04 11/02/2004, you wrote:
>>does mailscanner support the virus scanner AVG? I've hunted around but
>>cannot find anything on it. Are there any plans for it in the future? I
>>have a copy here if anything is needed.
>>Brent Addis
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