mailscanner & freebsd

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Thu Feb 12 09:31:51 GMT 2004

Martin Hepworth said:
> Drew Marshall wrote:
>> Martin Hepworth said:
>>>Rafal Janas wrote:
>>>>Is someone try to start mailscanner with postfix on freebsd 5.1 or
>>>there are people running 5.1 and postfix with MS. Have a look in the
>>>list archives
>>>BUT, remember the 5.x series are still considered UNSTABLE and should be
>>>treated as such IMHO.
>> Indeed and I am successfully running Postfix, MailScanner on FreeBSD
>> 5.2(!) although it's not a high volume server, I haven't (He says
>> touching
>> the most timber like thing he can find!) had any problems.
>> Drew
> Drew
> Well seeing as though 5.2.1 is due out soon, as they broke quite a few
> things in 5.2, I'd be be ready for the upgrade.
Great. This is my first venture into BSD land from Linux. Oh well, I did
know it wasn't 'stable' but the links on the site take you to the current
release download not the stable download. I must like living on the edge
:-) Quite like it though (BSD, oh OK and the edge!)


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