Local Relay patch for MS

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Wed Feb 11 18:28:13 GMT 2004

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>Eek! Bad guy forges 1 header and you don't scan it as you trust the
>headers. Great idea, that one. Only a marketing guy could have
>thought of that :-( Even Microsoft don't write code that is that broken...

Augh.  I'm wounded to the quick. <g>

It's really not all that bad because everybody's header line is different.
The spammer isn't going to know 40,000 different headers and custom tailor
his output to each.  A header that says "X-CBJ-MailScanner: Found to be
clean" isn't going to get by a server that's looking for "X-ECS-MailScanner:
Found to be clean" or vice versa.


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