ANNOUNCE: unstable version 4.27.1 released

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Wed Feb 11 16:09:05 GMT 2004

Anyone with an SA rule that can give this spam bounce a high score and
drop it ;-)  It can go with the rules for dropping the "you are
infected" messages.

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What a day...

I have just released version 4.27.1. This has not had much testing, I
hope some of you will help with that.

The "bounce" spam action is back, but is hard to abuse. Please read
If you want to find all the restrictions on its use, do a "Luke" and use
the source.

I have also fixed a bunch of other things, which are in the ChangeLog

I am never going to manage to satisfy all of you with this "bounce"
problem. However, my best idea is to come up with a compromise that will
hopefully satisfy most of you, then put it out there and see. So that's
what I have done. There will always be people who want to bounce all
spam back to the purported sender, and I think they are 99% wrong.
However if they can't do it with MailScanner they will just go and use
something else that does let them do it. So I am letting them, but under
plenty of restrictions.

I'm not sure this is a decision that I can make to everyone's
This is not a completely one-sided argument, I can see both sides
however weak or strong I consider anyone's case.

Here endeth the sermon.

Download as usual from

The Change Log is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
- Improved Linux init.d scripts so that postfix and settings
   used throughout the init.d script.
- Added support for F-Secure 4.52.
- When lots of consecutive SpamAssassin timeouts occur, all network
   are now stopped, not just RBL checks.
- Added support for Qmail. You will need the contents of
- Added Exim d2mbox to distribution.
- Improved logging output from Trend autoupdater.
- Improved logging output from Trend parser.
- Added old and new queue ids for Postfix to make for easy message
- Portuguese Brazilian reports are now all translated.
- Added "Enable Spam Bounce" ruleset for selectively switching on
   to bounce spam from your most important customers.
- Fixed small bug in Exim d2mbox script for very long headers.

* Fixes *
- Fixed bug in "Rebuild Bayes Every" feature on Solaris.
- Exim bug with empty Subject headers being corrupted fixed.
- Outstanding: Quarantining warning message bug - cannot reproduce on
any OS
- Outstanding: Exim multiple ACLs - Awaiting Nick or Tony's response
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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