Local Relay patch for MS

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Feb 10 23:07:25 GMT 2004

Hi Kevin,

> That would be handy, although you thought you could already do this after a
> fashion by setting the option to not scan messages that already have the
> MailScanner header.  Looking through the conf file I can't find it - was it
> in another product?  Essentially it was a header that said to skip scanning
> if it already had been as it was clean.

It wont help in most situations. Most people i know have a couple of MXes
outside their own network to cover mail during any network outage. Those
machines are plain MX, no scanning there. Once the main box gets back the
MS box will scan them. But some things inside MS wont do ok (RBL checks
for example) since it checks the first IP only.

> Of course, a spammer could spoof that, but it doesn't seem all that
> profitable to do so, as my custom header value will differ from yours, so
> the spammer would have to know what they all were and target their spam
> accordingly.

A spammer will deliver anyway, so it thats not the relay IP there is
nothing to worry about...


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