For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a rel iable transport medium.

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Tue Feb 10 22:49:24 GMT 2004

>That will mean the bounce header name will have to be fixed and
>non-configurable. Which may be a good thing anyway. Slightly
>worried that it opens up an attack route though. Someone could
> pile in mail containing the bounce header, and you would quietly
>delete it. So someone could DoS your mail servers without you
>being able to work out why. Not sure I want to do that.

Kind of a Pandora's box here isn't it.  Initial things that come to mind is
a counter added that either writes it's own log, or sticks it in the usual
spot then add some parsing to (or whatever it's called
- too lazy to look) and do a count at start/restart.  If over, say, 100,
then maybe it's a DoS and a notice sent to postmaster?  It would have to be
reset to 0 by if under the trigger level so we don't
accumulate hits over time.

Probably something Kevin Spicer could add to mailscanner-mrtg pretty easily
if he was so inclined as well.  A quick graphical interface is always jiffy.

I'm probably just being thick, but I'm not sure if it's worth all the
effort.  I suspect that the majority of bounces I get aren't from sites
running MailScanner, so most likely I'll rarely, if ever, see one of those
headers.  Since I don't bounce spam I'd never send one.

Realistically, between doing a forward of spam to a holding account, and the
use of whitelists I don't see why mail should be missed.  Critical accounts
would waltz in un-spammified and non-critical account messages would be
easily retrieved by the users.  But that's just me.

I guess my vote would be to just leave the bounce option in place w/some
really strong comments preceeding on why it's a Really Bad Thing to enable
it.  Just my .02 worth...

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