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Dustin Baer dustin.baer at IHS.COM
Tue Feb 10 22:41:52 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:
> That will mean the bounce header name will have to be fixed and
> non-configurable. Which may be a good thing anyway. Slightly worried that
> it opens up an attack route though. Someone could pile in mail containing
> the bounce header, and you would quietly delete it. So someone could DoS
> your mail servers without you being able to work out why. Not sure I want
> to do that.
> Thoughts?

Rules can be written at the MTA level that can discard on a particular
header...with Sendmail, at least.  Might be better to leave it up to the
MTA to discard, rather than potentially opening yourself to DoS.

> At 21:50 10/02/2004, you wrote:
> >And you might as well add an option to delete messages with the bounce
> >header also.

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