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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Tue Feb 10 21:42:15 GMT 2004

Le mar 10/02/2004 à 16:33, Julian Field a écrit :
> How about yet another configuration option:
> This would just apply to the spam "bounce" action. It would be a
> configuration option called something like "Enable Spam Bounces".
> Maybe the default configuration should point to a ruleset that defaults to
> no but has a sample line in it which switches it on for *
> The ruleset would have a strongly worded header at the top explaining why
> you shouldn't use it. But I would have to document the "bounce" action to
> make it clear why this extra configuration option existed.
> That way an administrator has to get an idea about rulesets before they can
> make this work. People wouldn't be able to turn it on by mistake.
> What do you think?


It would be quite acceptable to me (I don't bounce anything).

PS: As always you find a way to satisfy everyone! 8-)
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