For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

Dustin Baer dustin.baer at IHS.COM
Tue Feb 10 21:18:33 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:
> At 20:46 10/02/2004, you wrote:
> >Of course it is. But he's serving "high profile customers" whom obviously
> >are more important than the rest of us slags!
> Now now, people. Let's all remain calm and polite please...

This has been one of the most entertaining threads in the past couple of

> I think this thread is best considered closed for now.
> It's clearly a debate which is going to run and run, I may have to put the
> "bounce" option to a vote.
> But in the meantime, does anyone have any good ideas for a happy medium,
> such as enabling it but not documenting it, or producing a nasty log
> message if it is used, or something like that?
> All constructive ideas are most welcome.

How about forcing an additional header (X-%org-name%-MailScanner-bounce)
to go along with the bounces?

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