For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

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>I have still not seen any response to my proposal that you are confusing
>the two issues involved. If you want to have this out properly, then
>please reply to the proposals that are put to you. "*sigh*" doesn't do
>your argument any good, you are admitting defeat rather than coming to a
>compromise that satisfies all involved.
>Julian Field
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My sigh is out of frustration and for the work that is coming for me. When
we discovered MailScanner and started using it and offering it to our
clients, we quickly learned what worked and what did not work with our
client base. Based upon what we learned we implemented standards and
procedures around that. Since we have very high profile clients who rely
upon email being delivered to them in a timely manner, they required some
sort of assurance in this respect. So we implemented procedures where we
bounce lower scoring SPAM so as to notify senders in case one senders was
an actual valid email address with good intentions. Now, that you've
changed things, I need to figure out other procedures that may not work for
my client base and in our company Philosophy, you don't tell the client how
you are going to inconveinence them. Businesses that do this don't stay in
business very long. And please let me be clear Julian that you have every
right to modify your software. I'm not the least bit upset about that nor
am I challenging your authority to do so. However, what is funny to me is
that the bounce option is just that. It's an option. For those of you not
wishing to use, it, don't do so. Now it is not an option any more but
forcing people to change and modify their policies and procedures.
So to answer your question, the way you guarantee delivery of email to your
users is different than I do. My customers appreciate the lack of technical
knowledge their users have to possess because our of services. This way
they can focus on running their business operations. They appreciate that
they do not have to filter messages and receive notifications.

Errol Neal

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