restart after spam.assassin.prefs.con edits?

Craig Daters craig at WESTPRESS.COM
Tue Feb 10 17:48:08 GMT 2004

That works! Thanks Julian.

>At 16:39 10/02/2004, you wrote:
>>Does MailScanner need to be restarted after edits to this file. For
>>that matter, are there any files which can be edited that do not
>>require MailScanner to be restarted?
>A "reload" will do. If the "ps ax" command lists all the MailScanner
>processes as having parent PID of, say, 1234, then type this:
>         kill -HUP -1234
>as that will force all the  child processes to restart and re-read their
>If you don't want to do that, then the child processes restart themselves
>every 4 hours by default (see "Restart Every" in MailScanner.conf) at which
>point they will re-read their configuration anyway.
>A few advanced SpamAssassin configuration options actually require a full
>restart of MailScanner, but that's pretty rare.


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