For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

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Tue Feb 10 17:13:12 GMT 2004

At 16:51 10/02/2004, you wrote:
>For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable
>transport medium. That believe that every email server should have
>secondary mx records. That believe strongly that any message that does
>not get delivered should send a bounce notice to the original sender.
>That no properly configured mail server should ever deletes mail with
>out some kind of notice to either the recipient or sender!
>For those of us that do spam filtering for brokers or certain types of
>lawyers that most BY LAW archive every message they get or bounce it.
>Who also don't want those same brokers wading through hundreds of spam
>messages a day, just to do there job.
>Has anyone made a third party patch to add back bounce as a option for
>Spam Actions?  If not and you have interest in such a thing
>let me know.
>For those of you that feel email is not a reliable transport medium,
>that think it is ok for mail servers to just delete

Why not just use

Spam Actions = deliver
Spam Actions = deliver attachment
Spam Actions = notify store

That way your recipients don't have to wade through anything, all your
incoming email is stored and people can get at messages that were wrongly
tagged very easily.

I appreciate your point, and I am aware of your position. But bouncing spam
is not the correct answer to it, there are many other superior solutions to
the problem, that don't cause grief to everyone else on the net.

>email on arbitrary criteria, this is not a prelude to a debat. I don't
>care what your opinion is, we have a different philosophy
>about what email is.  So don't expect a replay from me because you don't
>like my point of view.  This email is to others that
>want to bounce message instead of deleting them, whose users expect
>email to get through or a least tell someone if it does not.
>We know there are a few people that get a ton of bogus bounce. That this
>is unfortunate but less sever then mom not getting those pictures of the
>new baby.  I personally wade through 3000 bounce messages a day, It is
>not that hard to filter them into another folder. So get over it.

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