Including original headers in reports

Admin Team sysadmins at ENHTECH.COM
Tue Feb 10 16:55:06 GMT 2004

At 11:45 AM 2/10/2004, you wrote:
>ring ring - we haven't got that email you said you'd send us.  OK, I'll fax
>it, etc...

What if it is not convenient for it to be faxed? Such as a 100 page
contract or other information like that?
So do we inconvenience customers and clients? I don't think that should be
our philosophy and it most certainly
is not the approach that my company takes. We deploy MailScanner as a
value-added service for our clients. It
adds more value to the other services we are able to provide. It removes
the inconveniences of having to deal with virri and spam
at the desktop. What you are suggesting adds another inconvenience.

Errol Neal

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