Sophos missed MyDoom-A bounced msg

Hywel Burris hywel at BURRIS.ORG.UK
Mon Feb 9 20:29:38 GMT 2004

>>This is a known issue with MailScanner and specifically one of the Perl
>>modules it uses.
>> From memory Julian asked for anyone with such an email to forward it
>>direct to him (not the list) so he can investigate the problem.
>>I hope Julian doesn't shoot me getting people to send him viruses.
>>You might want to email him before hand to warn him an example is on the

>We have seen some cases where Sophos with MailScanner failed to spot a
>MyDoom. But F-Prot on the same system (running as a secondary scanner)
>spotted the virus just fine. So somehow Sophos is missing it when F-Prot is
>finding it.

I have seen this today with Clam and McAfee missing one and F-Prot getting
it. I have also noticed this before with clam missing some and Mcafee and
F-Prot catching them.


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