Sophos missed MyDoom-A bounced msg

Travis Taylor 20020401 at DUH.NET
Mon Feb 9 17:32:21 GMT 2004

>We have the same situation here.  Right now, I am trying to retreive
>the Symantec quarantined documents, and will be sending them to Sophos.
>I would suggest sending them yours, also.
>Dustin Baer
>Unix Administrator/Postmaster
>Information Handling Services
>15 Inverness Way East
>Englewood, CO 80112

I'm in the process of sending it to sophos now, Dustin.

On a side note, I decided to sent the quarantined message as an
attachment to myself and MailScanner/Sophos caught it.  Though when I
pasted the infected bounced message in the body of a message and sent
it to myself it slipped through without being detected.  I'm wondering
if this has something to do with how the message is encoded (mime,
uuencode, etc).

Travis Taylor, EMail Administrator
Newton Unified School District #373
Educational Technology Center
116 West 7th
Newton, KS 67114

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