Silent virus & new mail worms...

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Mon Feb 9 15:30:46 GMT 2004


Kevin Miller asked a few days ago about av-scanners identifying by means of
an option the e-mail borne virus so they could be automatically categorized
as "silent virus" by MS and apropiate action be taken (e.g. "Still deliver
silent viruses = no").

Jason Balicki said Sophos is working on this (or so their PR people lie

I aske about this in the clamav list a few days ago (actually asking for
the virus database format, in case it already existed):

Fajar Nugraha sugested using the 'Worm.' prefix in the name of the virus to
identify them:

I don't know about other scanners, but they may also have a standard string
within their name implying it is a mail worm.

Now, Julian, would you consider this as a wished option?

It'd be a new option like this (configured for clamav):
Silent Viruses Regex: /^Worm\..*/

This way, we can immediately recognize new e-mail worms as 'Silent' and
process them appropiately...

I wouldn't eliminate the "Silent Viruses:" option, just in case.


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