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Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Feb 8 11:28:53 GMT 2004

At 10:16 08/02/2004, you wrote:
> > > Is it possible to stop Mailscanner from scanning any mails sent from
> > > localhost e.g. forms on user webspace?
> > >
> > Yes use a ruleset for whatever options you want to trun off.(you don't
> > mention whether you want to stop virus scanning, spam scanning, or
> > whatever)
> >
> > Take a look at the README and EXAMPLES files in /etc/MailScanner/rules
> >
> > Just out of curiosity why do you want to stop it scanning them?
> >
>Thanks Kevin,
>I had been using that but it turns out localhost in my rules doesn't
>work but changing it to did guess I was a bit tired last night

It assumes that anything with letters in it is an email address, or email
domain or things like that.
I only recognises IP addresses when they are all numbers and punctuation.
You might find that
might work, but it depends on your sendmail configuration a bit. Just
putting in
is equivalent to
which isn't what you meant.
I tried to make the parser as intelligent as possible, as I don't see why
you should have to tell it the full details of what you want when the
parser can make a pretty reliable guess at what you meant :-)
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