TNEF problem - Not handling winmail.dat

Stephe Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Fri Feb 6 14:23:33 GMT 2004

I am reposting since I couldn't find my prior posts in the archive. I've
been having some problems
here and am not sure I have received or sent my list messages.

BTW - I have searched the archives and have found only references to
problems with TNEF, but no answers.

I have upgraded to the latest release, but don't really think this is a new
problem, just one that was never reported to me.

I have an Outlook user who seems to be getting his attachments deleted. I
have changed the TNEF Expander line in MailScanner.conf from /usr/bin/tnef
to internal, and both fail to send the attachment. The final test of setting
Deliver Unparseable TNEF
to yes failed to send the attachment also.

The real problem is that there is no notification anywhere that the
attachment was removed. Nothing in the mail to the admin, the maillog, or
the recipient that an attachment was dropped. Is there something like
"Silent Viruses" that this falls under? I do see in the maillog that the
TNEF Expander was called, but nothing else regarding this message ID.

Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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