Mailscanner & Freebsd

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Fri Feb 6 10:30:23 GMT 2004

A briliant piece of work, thanks.

I have made a couple of small changes to my copy of

I am using a perl script called "" to analyse my maillog and generate mrtg stats on
simple numbers of mail, viruses & spam passing through the server. The script doesn't have any
license/authorinfo in it!

I had to change to record "sendmail-in" etc instead of "sm-mta-in" as the analysis script
stopped working because it was looking for the default "sendmail"

Martyn Routley

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Hi Martyn,

> I use 2 cute scripts which run from /usr/local/etc/rc.d, I
> can't remember where they came from.

I do. They are mine and they are part of the FreeBSD port! Disable all MTA stuff in rc.conf and
simply use those start/stop scripts. :-)


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