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Leland J. Steinke steinkel at PA.NET
Thu Feb 5 22:12:35 GMT 2004

Leland J. Steinke wrote:
> hermit921 wrote:
>> Here is an example with headers and body, with a few changes to
>> protect my
>> names and IP addresses.

well, I shoved my original message through the mailscanner gauntlet again
and here is what happened.

The envelope sender was replicated as the (originally null) message body
and the MS headers were nowhere to be seen.  I do not believe that this is
a postfix issue, since I "netcat"ted the message to our smtp delivery
server (also running postfix) directly and the message came through with no
message body added.

We are running 4.25-14.  If MailScanner were written in C, I would suspect
pointer arithmetic gone awry.  Must...  test... more... tomorrow...


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