How to scan mail going out?

Carr, Daryl B. DARYL at MONM.EDU
Thu Feb 5 18:22:17 GMT 2004


We have just set up MailScanner 4.25-10 on a Redhad Linux 9 machine. We
are using Sendmail 8.12.8 and Perl 5.8.0. Currently, the flow of
messages is like this:

all SMTP traffic incoming to -> firewall(with rule) ->
MailScanner -> Exchange 2003 server (ip:

To make the last step happen (MailScanner->Exchange 2003), we added a
line to /etc/mail/mailertable like this: smtp:[]

So that flow works perfectly. But now we would like to add the outgoing
traffic to the mix. The Exchange 2003 server is delivering directly and
not going through MailScanner. We would like mail to travel:

Exchange 2003 Server (all messages from <manysomeones> ->
MailScanner -> Recipient

We have used telnet to drop messages off to the MailScanner machine and
they are delivered through the firewall just fine. But when we tell the
exchange 2003 server to deliver the messages to the MailScanner, they do
not get delivered although we can tell that they are getting pushed off
to the MailScanner machine. We had also added a line to the
relay-domains file for

Thanks for any help!

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