MailScanner RPM dependencies

Sitsofe Wheeler sits at CAEDERUS.COM
Thu Feb 5 17:23:03 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 16:35, Hirsh, Joshua wrote:
> tnef shows up on the RPM I have installed..
> $ rpm -q mailscanner -R | grep tnef
> tnef >= 1.1.1
Ah but this doesn't appear to be enough to suck in the provided RPM via

>  I believe some of the other dependencies (i.e.: Perl modules) aren't
> included because some people install them via CPAN or other locations. If
> this is the case, then RPM wouldn't know about them and still complain about
> dependency issues even though they do exist on the system.
Thanks (I thought it might be deliberate). Any chance we could have a
commented out Requires line that does have all the dependencies for the
spec file?

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