F-secure Seems not to be scanning

Tim Murphy tmurphy at ICMCONTROLS.COM
Thu Feb 5 17:06:57 GMT 2004

System is  RH / cpanel / exim /

I just installed the new version of MailScanner
as of right now
Virus Scanners = rav clamav f-prot f-secure mcafee

Rav  (Works)
Clamav  (Works)
F-prot (Trial) (Works)
Mcafee  (Works)
F-secure (Seems Not To Work)

i can do the command line for f-secure
/usr/lib/MailScanner/f-secure-wrapper   /opt/f-secure/fsav    /tmp
-And that works
Database version: 2004-02-05_01
Scan started at Thu Feb  5 09:05:31 2004
Scan ended at Thu Feb  5 09:05:32 2004
11 files scanned

But it is not catching any virus in incoming emails
---------------paste from email---------------------
MessageID: 1Aojlz-0002FM-LP
            Rav: ./1Aojlz-0002FM-LP/body.zip->body.txt  .pif Infected: Win32/Mydoom.A at mm
            ClamAV: body.zip contains Worm.SCO.A 
            F-Prot: /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/30908/1Aojlz-0002FM-LP/body.zip-body.txt Infection: W32/Mydoom.A at mm
            McAfee: /1Aojlz-0002FM-LP/body.zip        Found the W32/Mydoom.a at MM virus !!!
-----------------End Paste-------------------
I dont see any thing in any of the infected mails about f-secure

----------paste from maillog---------------
Feb  5 09:01:07 srv1 update.virus.scanners: Found f-secure installed
Feb  5 09:01:07 srv1 update.virus.scanners: Running autoupdate for f-secure
-------------End Paste-------------------------

Mailscanner is seeing it..
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