High Load after MS and Mailwatch Upgrade {Virus Scanned}

Christo Bezuidenhout christo at IT4AFRICA.CO.ZA
Thu Feb 5 10:44:45 GMT 2004

I found the problem. One of my custom cf files was corrupt. I ust
replaced this file with the backup of two days ago and all is working
fine again. Thanx for the assist

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Subject: Re: High Load after MS and Mailwatch Upgrade {Virus Scanned}

Hi Christo,

Post the output of:  "time spamassassin -D rbl=-3,rulesrun=255 -p
/etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf --lint" as that should show
what is slowing SpamAssassin down.

Also are you running any custom SA rulesets that might be slowing
SpamAssassin down?? - I've had problems in the past with the
sa-blacklist and sa-blacklist-uri custom sets as they are so big.

If you want to disable MailWatch to confirm that it is not causing your
problems, you can do this by commenting the line in CustomConfig.pm that
says "require 'MailScanner/MailWatch.pm';" and restart MailScanner and
see if that helps at all.

Kind regards,

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From: Christo Bezuidenhout [mailto:christo at IT4AFRICA.CO.ZA]
Sent: 05 February 2004 07:17
Subject: High Load after MS and Mailwatch Upgrade

After upgrading to the latest version of MailWatch and Mailscanner my
server started to take huge load.

I Found the following in my maillogs.

Feb  5 09:03:29 mailtest sendmail[6833]: rejecting connections on daemon
MTA: load average: 13
Feb  5 09:05:33 mailtest MailScanner[10934]: SpamAssassin timed out and
was killed, consecutive failure 6 of 20
Feb  5 09:11:39 mailtest MailScanner[4900]: RBL Check ORDB-RBL timed out
and was killed, consecutive failure 1 of 7

The Spamassassin keeps on going up to 20 of 20.

I have a caching DNS and is working properly. My config is.
mailscanner-4.26.8-1 RH9 mailwatch-0.5 MailScanner-MRTG-0.07 on a P4
2Ghz with 512 MB ram


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