High Load after MS and Mailwatch Upgrade

Christo Bezuidenhout christo at IT4AFRICA.CO.ZA
Thu Feb 5 07:16:56 GMT 2004

After upgrading to the latest version of MailWatch and Mailscanner my
server started to take huge load.

I Found the following in my maillogs.

Feb  5 09:03:29 mailtest sendmail[6833]: rejecting connections on daemon
MTA: load average: 13
Feb  5 09:05:33 mailtest MailScanner[10934]: SpamAssassin timed out and
was killed, consecutive failure 6 of 20
Feb  5 09:11:39 mailtest MailScanner[4900]: RBL Check ORDB-RBL timed out
and was killed, consecutive failure 1 of 7

The Spamassassin keeps on going up to 20 of 20.

I have a caching DNS and is working properly. My config is.
mailscanner-4.26.8-1 RH9 mailwatch-0.5 MailScanner-MRTG-0.07 on a P4
2Ghz with 512 MB ram


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