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Schmitt, Andy C - CIDD-2 acschmitt at BPA.GOV
Wed Feb 4 19:42:31 GMT 2004

This may be completely off base, since I don't know if you already posted your network config, but are you delivering directly to Unix accounts after MailScanner, or forwarding on to an Exchange box on an internal network?

The reason why I ask is that here, we use MS Exchange for internal mail, and it seems like headers get replaced at random times by the words "Microsoft Mail Internet Headers 2.0" followed by a sanitized version of headers, which still shows the server route, but nothing useful such as MailScanner headers. I've heard vague rumors as to why this happens, but have not heard of anyone being able to fix it.

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Subject: untagged messages

I am still trying to figure out why some messages don't get tagged by
MailScanner 4-23, postfix 2.  Every email should get tagged with at least
one MailScanner header, but some don't.

I came up with an idea.  Is this feasible:
Spammer sets up his client to use our mail server as his smtp
gateway.  Should work for any message addressed to a user in our domain,
but he can't send mail outside.  So spammer addresses a message to
usera at mydomain, with CC or BCC to userb, userc, userd, etc.  Now I get

One message appears here, postfix dumps it in the hold queue.  Postfix
splits it up at the same time, so only the original message gets the
MailScanner headers.  Since I can't track the original, I can't verify the
presence of headers.

Am I way off?

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