Upgrade Autolearn problems

Stephe Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Wed Feb 4 19:11:45 GMT 2004

I upgraded to the latest greatest on Monday. I noticed the listing about
having to whitelist this mailing list today and thought nothing of it, as I
have always received the mailings from this list.

I upgraded MailWatch today, and was watching the screen go by, and noticed
that this list was flagged as spam. So I looked at the headers and sure
enough, there is an "autolearn" component in the header. After going back to
when the upgrade of MS took place and reviewing some of those headers, they
too have "autolearn". Now I'm not getting any mail at all.

I checked my MailScanner.conf and it has the following in it:

SpamAssassin Auto Whitelist = no

So now I'm lost. And I also don't know if I'll ever hear from you again.

Is there some new function in the new MS that turns this on, related to
something else?

Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
Charleston Newspapers

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