New installation -- and problems i never had

Christoph Resch mailing-oit at
Wed Feb 4 15:04:01 GMT 2004


recently set up another debian-sarge with MS+SA using exim ... the Virus and 
delivery part works fine, but icant find out how to help SA to do its work 

i run testmails with `date` as content and get fine response when parsing it 
on CLI ... so this works , but from within MS it seems that SA is not running 
properly ( i run MS with both debug-options and i get nothing useful on log) 

i used packages to install both software , and then ( after this troubles ) 
reinstalled all important perl-mod via CPAN .. 

i also changed in /usr/sbin/MailScanner the require-argument fomr 5.005 to 
5.8.2 .. but thats not the problem 

thanks for any suggestions

best regards to all



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